centennial park might get a facelift

although plans are not solidified, seattle-based landscape architects gustafon,  guthrie, and nichol, wrangled earlier this year to take the project on, made their pitch at this month’s community meeting.

in an effort to make the park safer for pedestrians and at the same time eliminate asphalt, the plans include moving the parking areas to the perimeter of the park and replanting traffic-sturdy grass and greenery in those areas.

other ideas in their conceptual layout include moving the amphitheater to the northwest corner with a direct view of the state capitol building, a reflective pool on the west side of the parthenon, a winter garden designed to grow vegetation indoors, and a background landscape of vibrant cherry blossom trees for the parthenon on the northeast corner.

the design team stressed one of their priorities is simply taking advantage of the park’s 132 acres.  somehow linking dog parks to the heart of the park with a land bridge over 31st.  they also suggested a move of the activities and attractions towards the periphery of the park as well as possibly moving the cafe to the edge near centennial medical center on 25th avenue.  the cafe would be aligned with a new sculpture garden and art center.

these are only a few of the elements included in the 66-page draft.  a more polished gameplan arrives in october which would go before the committee, the parks board and the mayor for approval. moving forward with renovations if approved would not begin until at least a year from now.


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