metro does extreme makeover on century old building on the river

it has stood the last few years, weathered and  deteriorating, but the NABRICO (the former  century old nashville bridge company building)  is slated to be the epicenter of the new riverfront  park redevelopment. in september, phase one  plans begin with an overhaul on this old relic  next to the shelby street walking bridge.
the balance of maintaining the building’s  original integrity and weaving around its  obstacles (like the fact that there’s only 800 sqft  per floor in the older structure of the building) presented some challenges for david powell of hastings architecture associates. david is designing the $4.4 million makeover with ed owens, waterfront redevelopment director for the metro development and housing agency (MDHA), at the helm.
future uses of the building remain undefined at this time but mdha has directed powell to modernize the existing shell which is actually three separate structures, while also adding offices for metro parks staff, restrooms, and a food concession for the park.
cosmetically, the building will be tailored with weathered steel and translucent glass. windows on the west will take advantage of the city’s beautiful skyline and riverfront. on the east, the building will be backed by a facade of weathered steel in the form of an upended barge. the bridge company once built barges and the designer wants to pay tribute to the building’s history. groundbreaking begins next month.


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