east nashville’s historic roxy theater gets new life

the roxy in its original glory

after sitting dormant for decades, local businessman robert solomon hopes to restore the historic treasure in east nashville.  the 660-seat venue which sits at 827 meridian street once was the epicenter of the neighborhood.  his plans are not only to rehab the theater that will feature films and live performances but to use a portion of the 8400 square feet as a high quality studio.   he was drawn to the site initially as a location to redevelop his woodland studios which was destroyed by the 1998 tornado that hit nashville.  woodland studios was once a musical powerhouse itself on the east side attracting such names as willie nelson, emmylou harris, neil diamond, elton john, lynyrd skynyrd and countless others.

solomon has already hit one major roadblock.  the theater’s marquee that hung over the entrance of the building was previously sold to the tennessee state museum where it will stay, museum officials state.  he trudges on though.  once financing is in place, the restoration should take about four or five months to complete.


2 Replies to “east nashville’s historic roxy theater gets new life”

  1. no news on that lately, dawn. someone else emailed me recently and i started investigating it but couldn’t get an update. he might be trying to get financing still for the project. would love to see it come to fruition.

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