nashville receives high praise on two forbes lists this week

forbes ranks nashville 3rd in biggest boom towns and 6th in best places for businesses and careers

the music city is receiving accolades left and right this week.  today, forbes announced its top list of cities likely to prosper and see the most growth in the next decade.  nashville ranked 3rd among the nation’s biggest boom towns.  low housing prices, pro-business environment, and rapid growth in educated migrants (where we rank an impressive fourth) led to our high marks.  forbes also attributes our high ranking to the milder climate and smaller scale.  we don’t have the persistent transportation bottlenecking difficulties as compared to older growth hot spots.  we are building the infrastructure.

past and present job growth accounted for one-third of the score.  the other two-thirds of the score was dependent on a broad range of factors equally such as family formation, growth in educated migration, population and last, a broad measurement of attractiveness to immigrants.

austin, texas snagged top honors with raleigh, nc a close second. san antonio and houston finished out the top five.

forbes also recently named nashville 6th in its 13th annual list of best places for businesses and careers.  the city received high marks for its costs of doing business which ranked it 32nd in the country.  the study also factored in job growth and education where nashville ranked 54th and 64th respectively.  the study revealed that 80% of the top 25 wasn’t found on the west coast or the east coast.  it was the heartland.  raleigh topped the list this year in part to low business costs, a smart labor force and it had the 2nd highest net migration rate in the country.


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