new elliston place development to be unveiled

an early rendering of 2300 elliston place

last week, the elliston place neighborhood won a last minute victory when the historic soda shop came to an agreement with their landlord for another five years.  coming in august though, an even bigger victory just up the street with the unveiling of a huge mixed use development.

last fall, the developer, southern land, requested some changes from the board of zoning appeals (including heighth change for plans) for the two acre tract where father ryan school stood at 2300 elliston place.  their request called for “a 348,000 square foot mixed use building which would include 300 apartments and 14,000 of retail and restaurant space.”

not sure how true to the original plan everything remains, but later next month, southern land is planning a groundbreaking event at exit/in to share the news. (august 30)


One Reply to “new elliston place development to be unveiled”

  1. Great news! And I heard it here first!:-) Local TV did a good job of covering the Elliston Soda Shop story but if they mentioned THIS, I missed it. Your blog is invaluable, beautiful, FUN, and absolutely worth visiting. Adding it to my blogroll after I hit “send” . . . great job, once again, Scott!

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