nashville real estate seeing signs of life again

if you walk away from this site today with any bits of trivia, take these four quick sound bites:

:::nashville real estate market was up 16% in july 2011 from july 2010.

:::number of pending sales were up 20% from last july, displaying a good sign of things to come in the near future.

:::tennessee foreclosures are down 34% from this time last year.

and lastly, the most recent news:  nashville housing inventory is fastly approaching a 2 month supply.  the most recent numbers show that  we are at a 2.8 months supply for single family homes which is down from our 4.9 months average this time 2 years ago.  in the second quarter, nashville’s inventory was cut by 416 units from over a year ago.

one other sign of change, 890 new construction homes were started in the nashville area, a 37.5% increase from the first quarter.

we are turning this ship around.


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