sounds ballpark narrowed down to 3 spots

mayor dean’s office announced earlier today metro has narrowed down the options for the new sounds baseball field to three locations:

:::east bank of the cumberland river (near the titans stadium)-the most prime location of the three, this is the 80-acre scrap metal yard.  the city has been in talks to purchase this eyesore before unsuccessfully.  the scrap metal company is happy where they are.  the process could continue to prove even more complicated since the property is in a trust and is being leased.

:::the historic sulphur dell site between downtown and germantown (near the bicentennial mall)-another site that the city does not own, this was the home of our minor league baseball team for 100 years up until 1963.  it was demolished in 1969 and is now a number of parking lots.

:::the north gulch area, just north of charlotte avenue

the site study is only the first step in the process of working out a new deal between the sounds franchise and the metro government.  mayor dean also stressed the construction of a new baseball stadium which he calls a “luxury” has to be a public-private partnership and it’s not something the city will assume full responsibility for financially.


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