nashville ikea rumors again?

with greyhound moving south of broadway to their permanent home once construction is complete this year, development talks are underway for their temporary bus terminal on charlotte avenue in the north gulch area.   metro hired a team a few weeks ago to do a site study for the new sounds baseball stadium and the property ended up as one of the top three options.  now, to add to that, there are rumblings that the 30 acre property could turn into a major grocer or big box retailer.  ikea has been named as “a possible candidate” for the property.  not sure what that entails and no further details are being released at this time.  target & publix are also in negotiations for the property.  an announcement about the site will be made within the year says jeff haynes, a partner with local developers boyle nashville.

publix is also in talks for the street level commercial space that will be in a new building on demonbreun across from tin roof and otters near the music row roundabout.  hopefully, between the two locations, publix will find a good home.


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