sevier park will see big changes in 2012

tentative design for the new sevier park community center

12th south’s sevier park may see a facelift in the near future.  in december, metro firmed up the master plan for the 20-acre park which will include a new community center, skate park, multi-use trails with footbridges, additional parking and sidewalks along the perimeter, and a community garden among other features.

the community center will be a sleek two-story building featuring a fitness room, gymnasium, track, dance room and a multi-purpose room.   it will be fully staffed during operating hours and will offer programs like zumba, yoga and different types of dance classes.  the fitness center will be fee based.  currently, the cost to work out in the fitness center is $2 for a walk-in or one will be able to purchase a membership at an affordable cost determined later.

although there are plans for a future pool next to the gym, it is not in this current master design plan.  divided into five different zones, the renovations will mostly enhance a lot of the park’s current features.

the first phase which is the community center and new parking lot as well as the trails directly surrounding the building will cost around $4 million.  this phase unfortunately is the only one that is currently funded.  the construction bid will happen in april and the center should be operational by late winter 2013.


6 Replies to “sevier park will see big changes in 2012”

  1. “..We really do have a nice lil park”. Can’t wait for the new facility..especially the planned fitness center & tennis courts. I am a daily visiter to the park (running & walking) . Our ’12South Neighborhood’ area just might be the ‘Best’ place I have lived..!”

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