move over baileys, nashville has a new ‘sipping cream’

the people at speakeasy spirits, a local nashville company, are creating a new name for themselves.  they are opening a new ‘sipping cream’ whiskey distillery in a few weeks at 900 44th avenue north near TSU.  the style is probably most similar to a baileys irish cream but much more one-of-a-kind.

chocolate and coffee have long been the main flavors of irish creams.  speakeasy spirits will offer a sipping cream with a tennessee twist.  it will consist of caramel, vanilla, burnt molasses and aged whiskey from local whiskey distillery collier and mckeel.  the alcohol content will be 40 proof which will make it the highest alcohol content on the market.  also, it probably goes without saying but  it will definitely have more of a whiskey flavor.

deb paquette, a local chef, helped craft the recipe.  deb is no stranger to nashville’s culinary scene.  over 14 years in the business, most may recognize the name from owning zola’s restaurant but recently she has been everywhere from helping create the menu at local taco to taking the helm of sylvan park’s miel for a few months last year to most recently preparing for her newest restaurant endeavor, echo,which she hopes to open in late spring in the encore high-rise downtown…she also coincidentally serves as part owner of speakeasy spirits.

the company hopes to announce distribution in the upcoming weeks with the product hitting shelves in april.  they are planning an aggressive regional grassroots approach, targeting the middle tennessee area initially and then expanding.


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