old convention center’s new plans delayed but still underway

the proposed medical trade center downtown

with the new convention center planning their big grand opening next spring, the big question continues to loom around the use of the former downtown convention center.  a proposal was announced  last year that it would become a 12-story medical super mart.

david osborn, gm of the medical trade center, announced last week that plans were still underway.  they have now secured leases that would account for 40% of the building.  when they reach commitments of at least 60%, they will begin the renovations.  the new game plan is to open summer 2014, a year later than originally planned but still moving forward with a force.

in other news, 63 conventions have been booked for the new music city center.  among them, the national rifle association (NRA), the national science teachers association and the american association of school administrators.  these already confirmed conferences are expected to generate more than 582,000 hotel room reservations.  tourism officials hope to book over 1 million hotel rooms before it opens next year.

rendering of the new music city center scheduled to open spring 2013
a view from the southwest side of the music city center


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