meet nashville: 5 minutes, 5 important questions w/ heather southerland

frothy monkey owners at a recent fundraising event for the coffehouse's upcoming urban garden

when business partners ryan pruitt & heather southerland went in together and purchased the frothy monkey gourmet coffeehouse last year, they were just what the 12south staple needed to continue on stronger than ever.  i caught up with heather recently for 5 minutes, 5 important questions:

the monkey now serves dinner until 9pm, what’s your favorite entree?

my favorite entree on our new “breakfast for dinner” menu has to be the trout a la heather…obviously!  locally farm-raised trout from bob white springs.  it’s corn-encrusted, pan-fried, and served with a sautee of kale and quinoa.  it is a delicious and nutritious dish!

coffee is the second most traded commodity behind oil in the world.  backyard chickens have recently been approved in the 12south neighborhood.  knowing that, would you consider setting up a trading/bartering system on a local level?

haha, yes we would definitely consider a bartering system.

if you could have coffee with anyone in nashville, who would it be?

sometimes, because of the nature and volume of our business, i feel like i have coffee with EVERYONE in nashville but, if i had to choose one person, one on one, i think i would love to have coffee with caleb followill.  we have tons of mutual friends and i LOVE kings of leon’s music!

if you were to come up on a frothy monkey in the wild, how should you respond?

i’d be flattered…and sure to patronize their business!

what’s next for frothy monkey?

we are working towards our second location, hopefully to happen in 2012…stay tuned.


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