the east side riverbank’s cumberland park opens this weekend

cumberland park

in an effort to reinvent the real estate on the river for the community, phase one of the cumberland riverfront park, located on the east bank next to the shelby street pedestrian bridge, is coming to fruition this week with the grand opening sunday afternoon.

about 180 trees and 1650 shrubs have been planted.  roughly 200 tons of native tennessee crab orchard sandstone were also brought in to create the project.  a cistern, labeled with its functions as an educational experience, was installed to gather a million gallons of storm water that will then go through a natural filtration and be re-used for all of the landscape irrigation.

this summer, families will have a place to picnic with the city in view just over their shoulders.   it will be a little paradise for a child’s imagination with rain curtains to run through, nets and walls to shinny up, and firefighter poles to slide down.

phase two will include the great lawn-a stretched out area sloping towards the river which will give people a place to soak up summertime, throw the football or frisbee around, or even watch a live performance from a stage barge.  there will also be a “beach” area that will be created with an armor mat for launching kayaks.

following the official ribbon cutting this sunday at 1:30, the cumberland park will host an afternoon of activities and events.  parking is available in the lp field parking lot.  normal business hours are expected to be 10am-8pm daily for the summer months but for now, they will be open 4-8pm weekdays and 10am-8pm on the weekends.


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