meet nashville: 5 in 5 with the girls of hgtv’s interiors, inc

katie rogers (left) & courtney cuden from hgtv's interiors inc

one of hgtv‘s hottest new reality shows this spring was based right here in nashville, tennessee.  interiors, inc centers around an ensemble of designers at pierce & company on belmont boulevard.  courtney cuden & katie rogers are two of those talented interior designers who contribute to the firm’s success.

what has life been like being followed by cameras all season?
cc: definitely weird, but SO MUCH FUN. at first, i was pretty self-conscious about it, but you loosen up after a bit. i even started to think it was normal, and then when the cameras and crew weren’t around, we were lonely!
kr: crazy! it is weird because sometimes i would forget that they were even there.  they just became a part of our family. other times, it was really hard to actually get our other work done!

you guys are ironically all musicians right? why don’t you have a kick ass theme song?
cc: you’d think we would, wouldn’t you? like a 4-5 part harmony version of “wind beneath my wings” would be good. or maybe a choral version of “back in black.” i dig it.
kr: you know what…i have asked myself the same question! i am constantly making up random songs about our day so you would think I would have gone there already?!  there should be one.  i am on it!

have you run into genevieve at any hgtv mixers?
cc: i made eye contact with her once. i introduced myself and asked her how it felt when she won celebrity apprentice.  just kidding.  what’s a mixer?
kr: uhm, no, but don’t you think we should be invited to some?! that would be fabulous!

any nashville celebs, politicians or socialites on your wish list to work with for season two?
cc: i’d love to work with sports figures – maybe some of the titans or predators.
kr: haven’t thought about that until now but i think it would be fun to do a house with miranda lambert.  she seems to very grounded in who she is and at the same time would be willing to jump out there and take risk and try different things.

ok, last question, if you could give one universal design tip, what would it be?
cc: put one living thing or preserved item in every room.  maybe a plant, or preserved coral – it can literally bring life into a room.
kr: let me think…it is kind of a combo answer: make sure to remain true who you are in the space you are working on.  our homes are our sanctuaries and we need to feel the most comfortable there.  also, don’t be afraid to go out on a limb with an interesting pattern or color.  just keep it contained and use it in moderation.

interiors, inc airs on saturday nights at 8:30 CST on hgtv.  the first “sneak peek” episode re-airs this weekend.  for more information, log on to


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