urban land institute of nashville announces 4th annual excellence awards

6 area developments were honored last week by the urban land institute for their design excellence, innovation in land use,  contribution to the neighborhood and reflection of the community’s character.  congrats to the winners:

nance place (apartment community)/rolling mill hill, nashville
judges comments: “this development demonstrates best practices in a critical sector with clear unmet market product. it should serve as a future demonstration of what public/private partnerships can accomplish, including its exceptional green development, urban location, accessibility to employment centers and thoughtfulness of product.”


the ruby/hillsboro village, nashville
judges comments: “a most creative use of a difficult to develop parcel, accomplished through innovative collaborations, parking agreements and design solutions. demonstrates that being sensitive to historically significant structures can still be fiscally successful.”
room in the inn, campus for human development/8th avenue, nashville
judges comments: “project exemplifies the best of what can be accomplished by public/private partnerships in mission, funding, development and use. it should serve as an inspiration to similar projects across the country including, for example, its sophisticated architecture, design and incorporation of green practices.”
the franklin theatre/main street, franklin
judges comments: “this project ‘made a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!’ the developers made this project into what it was always meant to be! It epitomizes a public/private partnership in its concept, financing, construction and use. the essential ‘high-technology’ is somehow still subservient to its design.”
astoria/green hills, nashville
judges comments: “this timeless luxury development demonstrates there is still a strong market for quality traditional development that is also forward thinking. this project fits seamlessly into the environmentally sensitive, new urbanist, mixed-use district that the property owners, developers, public officials and neighbors worked so hard to establish.”
mccabe park community center/46th avenue (sylvan park), nashville
judges comments:  “with its two front doors, this project respects and reflects its use and its users. it’s a catalyst for reinvestment and stability of its neighborhood, which was fully engaged in its programming, design and use.” the judges also liked that the project is a LEED-certified regional community center.

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