the face of 12 south continues to change

we get a first look this week at the plan designed for the corner of 12south & montrose.  for a long time, 2516 12th avenue south has served the community as a plant nursery.   the plans for the mixed-use building are not firmed up but if approved, the design calls for three stories.  that will require a height variance from the city since that is higher than current zoning will allow there.  they are also requesting to set the building back farther off the street.  metro planning is recommending approval of the setback as long as they widen the sidewalks.

the building will have 7,500 square feet of commercial space on the street level facing 12 south.  above that, there will be two stories of apartments, roughly 12-14 units total.

paul mcredmond purchased the .55 acre lot in 1996 for $68,000.


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