white is the new white

-by guest blogger lori paranjape, redo designs

realtors know that neutral palettes sell homes.  clean, neutral colors throughout give buyers a the feeling of starting fresh.  no tattoos.  no piercings.  while using white as a neutral color isn’t exactly shocking, it is when the color is actually white.  like white-white.  whiiiite!

so why not do for yourself what your realtor is already telling you:  don’t wait to paint until you’re ready to sell.  how about actually living in a pretty space?!

we’ve all seen gray and off-white (cream), or (gasp) builder beige… but what we are seeing as the freshest of the fresh and newest of the new is just plain white.  white walls and white trim (as much trim as your budget can afford).

to us it feels modern and clean.  it’s ready for an amazing furniture and fabulous accessories.  lamps, pillows, drapes, flowers, and don’t even get me started on how amazing art looks on white walls (ever been in a builder beige art gallery…didn’t think so.)

so get on out there do something crazy… like paint your whole space white!  if you’re looking for a good one, my favorite white is benjamin moore “white dove”.  there are no undertones of color.  it’s all the way white.

now, onwards.  can’t wait to see the pics!

-lori paranjape is a lover of all things design, wife to fox’s tennessee mornings anchor, nick paranjape, mother to two little lovelies, and partner at redo design in downtown franklin.   lori@redoyourhouse.com


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