is nashville becoming a fashion epicenter?

12 south’s boutique denim factory, imogene + willies

it’s fair to say the media attention nashville has been receiving lately about our food and fashion is pretty astounding.   there have been travel guides in magazines like southern living & bon appetit.  the ny times tipped their hat to our culinary scene in june.  a couple of weeks later, even gq magazine did an eight page spread on our city dubbing it “nowville.”

the icing on the cake was recently when a media analytics company unveiled the top u.s. cities for fashion.  nashville ranked fourth in the country.  what?  i mean, sure new york and los angeles are at the top of the list but nashville is fourth?

like seattle, which ranks eighth and is home to nordstrom, most of the cities in the top 50 have major fashion company headquarters.  nashville..not so much.  the study attributes our great strength is our city’s long standing tie with the music industry.  they seem to go hand in hand:

“…In the highly competitive marketing landscape, therefore, fashion designers and firms need to develop creative and innovative marketing tools to get their brands and products noticed and this intensifies the need for indie fashion designers to collaborate with musicians.

In the music industry the growing impetus for musicians to collaborate with fashion designers stems from the need to differentiate their products on the basis of something other than sound.”

that relationship is integral of course but our “it” factor and unique style can also be attributed to our new wave of local chefs, architects and independent fashion designers that are getting recognized across the country and the synergy they have between them.  it comes down to big small town values and understanding how pivotal it is for small local businesses to strive together to see others succeed.

with the celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the goo-goo cluster this fall, the nashville-based candy company reached out to the local food scene inviting them to create their own goo-goo recipes for the month of october.  over 40 food trucks, bakeries & restaurants are participating.  and when barista parlor, a coffeehouse on the east side, opened earlier this year, the staff was decked out in imogene + willie denim & otis james ties & hats.   they use local chocolate company, olive and sinclair‘s chocolate in their mochas.  there is a style, a momentum that is built upon at a grass roots level that’s been fun to see unfold lately around town.

supporting local businesses is necessary to succeed.  keeps nashville unique.  not to mention it keeps us looking good and ushers us into our season of cool every once in awhile.


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