more apartment developments slated for germantown in 2013

the future corner of hume and rosa parks

it would seem that all our city knows how to build lately is apartments and hotels.   the germantown area, which is seeing a nice growth spurt in recent months, has three apartment developments in the works currently.  the lofts at werthan mills on rosa parks is building its fifth and final phase as a rental arm to the development (for the first three years at least).  it comes complete with a new pool and a 6,000 sqft mediterranean restaurant on the ground level.  the former werthan packaging site on fifth avenue will become a $40 million, 282-unit apartment development, beginning demolition january 2013.  and then there’s the latest development that unfolded this month: a new 92-unit development which will sit on the northeast corner of hume street and rosa parks, just north of the lofts at werthan mills.   it is currently a gated parking lot (seen below).

(courtesy of google maps)

essentially, construction will begin in early 2013.  rents will range from $750-$2000/month.  the development will also include townhomes which will face along seventh avenue north.  and no retail on the street level is being considered.  although silo restaurant just opened on fifth to rave reviews and the much anticipated rolf & daughters is scheduled to open later this fall on taylor, in the long run, to truly sustain the existing retail that is already there may require more residents in the community anyway.  in july, the cocoa tree closed its germantown location.  drinkhaus followed suit in september and zackie’s hot dogs closed in october.


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