cummins station’s m and werthan’s rolf & daughters ramping up to open

the newest addition to cummins station, m.
m’s dining room

for all of you foodies, there are two new restaurants slated to open this month.  first off, m. the newest venture from the creators of mack & kates in franklin and mackes in green hills, opens this weekend.  helmed by chef toby willis (formerly of mackes fame), they will offer lunch, dinner and sunday brunch.  click here for m’s complete menu.

rolf & daughtersalso taking shape to open this month is rolf & daughters in germantown.   housed in the former boiler building for the werthan factory on taylor street, the restaurant will serve what chef phillip krajeck calls “modern peasant food”.   phillip, whose resume credits include fish out of water, watercolor inn’s swanky restaurant in santa rosa, florida, was nominated then by the james beard foundation for best chef in the south.

phillip’s desire is to be the local haunt.  all of the pastas and breads will be made in-house.  r&d will be as affordable as possible, non-frilly, fresh, and simply prepared.

all of tables were being installed the day i was there, handmade locally by matt alexander of holler designs.  phillip continues to hold the menu close to chest but look for rolf & daughters to open later this month.

the werthan boiler building that once supplied energy for the factory is being repurposed this fall for rolf & daughters which opens this month.
holler designs also used scrap timber to create the beautiful dropped ceiling above
rolf & daughters bar taking shape

4 Replies to “cummins station’s m and werthan’s rolf & daughters ramping up to open”

  1. Truly…this is one of the best, most informative, most interesting local blogs. I value his research, and the way he creatively presents it to his audience. Thanks Scott!

  2. Definitely one of the top blogs around Nashville. I look forward to trying these new places out, then coming back here to read your take on them. I’m interested to see what the parking situation is going to be at Werthan’s.

    1. hey ron-thanks for saying the kind words about the blog. i ate at r&d last week. parking wasn’t too bad but i just parked on the street. great place to hang.
      if i lived at werthan i would probably be down too much.
      i ate at m a few weeks ago. nice place and great food. parking was more of a bear but i think it was because they were working on the street that night. i had to move my car at one point. i’m pretty addicted to the m market & deli they opened in cummins station though. bacon-infused pbj with jalapeno preserves or a bacon-wrapped grilled cheese with brie were just a couple of highlights. (i’m such a bad eater sometimes.)

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