meet nashville: 5 in 5 with the cupcake collection’s mignon francois

mignon francios

mignon francois loved listening to financial author dave ramsey.   celebrating their four year anniversary this month, the cupcake collection was initially born out of necessity during a hard season.  her family was in debt and dave ramsey was always saying ‘have a bake sale’ on his show.  so, mignon decided to learn to cook even though she claims she was the one that burned the bread every night for dinner.   her first big order was for 600 cupcakes and after selling them grassroots-style for a little while, she realized her calling.  they bought a condemned house in germantown which they actually ended up moving into prior to opening because they couldn’t afford it.  they lived there without electricity, buying gas everyday and using a generator at night.

these days, the cupcake collection is equipped with plenty of electricity and  love…and  business is thriving.   odds are, you’ll be greeted with a big ol’ smile if mignon is anywhere around.

did you grow up here in nashville? no i am actually from the big easy, new orleans, la.

the largest cupcake in history weighed over 1,200 pounds and had 2 million calories…nothing in your glass cabinets has 2 million calories right?  LOL of course not. we have a special helping of love that we add to each cupcake. they say love conquers all…and we say that includes calories!

what’s the most popular? that would be our sweet potato, an original by the cupcake collection.cupcake weddings

because it’s less costly, easier to transport and you can build it onsite, i’ve heard there is a trend with cupcake wedding cakes now.  would you ever consider making one for one of your customers?  it is the most economical way to have a wedding cake and we do them beautifully all the time.  i can send you pics if you like.

what’s next for the cupcake collection during the holidays?  thanksgiving is our busiest time of year.   also, this week we launch our new wedding cake studio,the wedding cake collection.


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