meet nashville: 5 in 5 with hunter mize of the hood shop

head•  being a nashville native, what do you love most about the city?  it’s impossible not to say the people. with family in town, friends from pre-school, awesome people that i don’t know how i met, and lots of incredible new people to nashville, the community here is second to none. there’s also a lot of creative innovation going on. People are doing things differently, and I dig that.

e-blue_1024x1024•  how did the art concept come about?  i needed christmas gifts last year and had seen these typography maps for other cities, so i made some and gave them to friends. with a nice response, i added a paypal purchase button on my blog, and guaranteed delivery by christmas. this led to my fantastic mother and i delivering prints in tubes all over the city on christmas eve. since then, it’s grown to a full online shop with products available at two wonderful local shops.

•  leonardo davinci apparently spent 12 years just painting mona lisa’s lips.  how long did it take you to create your city art?  in about 10 days last december, i came up with the original design. it was a quick and not perfect draft, and i went with it.  since then, neighborhoods have been tweaked and added. it will stay that way as the city continues to grow and re-brand neighborhoods.  the more hoods the better, I say.

black-ss-full_1024x1024i bought the new black tee for one of my nephews when he was in town last week.  he loves it…there’s no question there.  just throwing it out. 

•  what would make the best gift for someone this holiday season?  an 11×14 print seems to be the easiest gift to purchase and give.  no sizes to worry about, it’s cheap enough to give as a casual gift, and everyone seems to love finding their own neighborhood on the print. the gray and peach print is the most popular, so i’d say get that one.

small-peach_1024x1024•  what’s next up for the hood shop?  several new shirts have come out in the past few weeks, all on, but also i’ve started another print company called prinstant replays – here, i am taking very historic sports plays and turning them into a piece of wall art. the nashville people will like the music city miracle print. i am continuing to grow both lines of prints as time permits.


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