meet nashville: 5 in 5 with cathy street, street theatre company

cathy street
cathy street

what brought you to nashville?  it was really sort of a fluke.  i am from new hampshire and really don’t like cold weather, so my husband and i visited three cities down south to see if we liked any of them. nashville had a great feel. being from a small town, i wasn’t interested in anything as urban as atlanta and nashville seemed to have some of the urban opportunities, but a small town feel. there also seemed to be an active arts scene which appealed to us.  so we decided to give it a shot and just came on down thinking we might stay for a year….nine years later (here we are).

:::how was the street theatre company born? i had done some producing up in new england so i was familiar with putting on a show.  when i explored the theatre scene here, i thought there was an opportunity to fill a niche that wasn’t currently happening here which was to produce semi-pro, high quality shows that were not the traditional old-school musical theatre fare. i started by doing a couple of very small shows to test the waters and then looked into becoming a non-profit. once that happened, we just started growing!

:::are you 6 degrees away from kevin bacon? oh yes, i am pretty sure i am. let’s see, nicole kidman and keith urban came to a stc show, so maybe that counts.  a friend of mine from college is a producer of 30 rock so i am guessing he can’t be more than one or two degrees away himself.

well, we’ll count kidman:   flow chart   :::how can people support your organization? there are many ways! probably the most obvious but sometimes the most challenging is COME SEE A SHOW and BRING FRIENDS! the more people that know about STC the better.  it really is about growing our audience in this town where there is a lot of competition for entertainment dollars. one thing that i think we have done well is we have gained the trust of our audiences. they may come see avenue q because they knew the show but then, because they trust the quality of our shows and the show choices, they will come see caroline or change not knowing what it is about.  that to me is the biggest challenge and our biggest success. trust us, we are going to give you a great show and one that you are going to enjoy.  take a leap and come out to see it even if you don’t know it. then of course, donations of all kinds help tremendously whether they are financial, in-kind or volunteerism.  we are such a small organization that all the help is truly what keeps us alive.  we are producing a full mainstage season with only a couple of staff members. the rest happens thanks to all the volunteers and the support we receive.

nashville's own ruby amanfu can be seen in stc's love letters next month
nashville’s own ruby amanfu can be seen in stc’s love letters next month for one night only

:::what’s next? a big season.  we will be starting off the season with a special event on february 1 and 2.  we will be producing the play, love letters, as a mini-fundraising event. one night will feature two beloved local actors, ken jackson and layne sasser, and the second night will feature the well-known musicians ruby amanfu and francis rodino. A couple weeks afer that, we go into cats in concert (a concert-style production of the musical) and then a full season of standout shows including spring awakening and spamalot.


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