meet nashville: 5 in 5 with crayon sculptor herb williams

the panther and rabbits from herb william’s art, plunderland

how many crayola crayons are in a 50-pound case?  sculptor herb williams is one of the few individuals that may know the answer is 3,000.  he orders a lot of them.   to give some perspective, according to crayola trivia, 730 crayons if melted will cover an nba basketball court.  one of  herb’s largest art pieces to date, plunderland, a mythical fairy tale that centered around a sixteen-foot long beanstalk with various animals, required 250,000 crayons and over a year to create…that’s a lot of 50-pound cases.

so we’ll start with important questions, favorite color?  i think my favorite color is always whichever prominent color i just used in the last sculpture i finished. that’s almost impossible though, like picking a favorite child.

how did you land on crayons as your medium of choice?  crazy trial and error and experimentation and much gnashing of teeth and starvation and driving oneself ever so slightly crazy in searching for your own unique voice.herb1

does crayola deliver them to your doorstep?  absolutely. by the pallet. i am the only individual wholesaler in the world so i get the individual colors in 50 lb cases of 3000 individual sticks.  crayola is in my five.

Plunderlandhaha, you were commissioned by obama’s administration at one point to design pieces that he & secretary of state hillary clinton could give as gifts to foreign dignitaries.  have you heard from any random leaders along the way that received them? no, i was chosen.  wish i was commissioned.  that would mean i could design whatever i liked to a point.  we’re still working on what the design should be.  politics are a game I never wish to enter.

what’s next? it looks like i am building a major exhibition of about 60 or so sculptures of mine to take an international museum tour. i cannot wait!herb2


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