meet nashville: 5 & 5 with miss tennessee, brenna mader

gallery_photo1366717650Headshotas a belmont graduate with a degree in broadcast journalism, brenna mader aspires most for a career as a television host.   at 26, she’s already hit the ground running as the face of GAC‘s superfan weekends, TBN‘s joy in our town, and as a media correspondent for tom arnold’s my big fat redneck vacation after show on CMT.   next up though on her to-do list, she competes for the miss usa title live on nbc this sunday (june 16th at 9pm est) as miss tennessee.  we sat down with her for a quick five minutes, five important questions:

first off, congrats congrats on making it this far.  we’re all rooting for you.  if i’m not wrong, last year marked tennessee’s 7th straight placement in this competition…feeling the pressure?  not really!  i couldn’t be more proud to wear the tennessee sash and i think the record speaks more highly of kim greenwood’s program than anything.  are girls in tennessee more beautiful than girls in other states? no, they just have one of, if not the best teams in the nation, prepping them!

well, they are actually 30% prettier but moving on.  without throwing any contestants specifically under the bus here, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen someone do to get ready for a competition over the years?  i have seen girls put preparation h all over their legs and wrap them in saran wrap overnight.   i’ve heard it works but the results only last for a few hours, so you won’t catch me doing that one!photographer_uploaded_2_133_0_1370308220_2013

so, random trivia, you’ve been to 43 states.  plan on visiting any of your bottom 7 states this year?  i would love to – i’m trying to buddy up to alaska and hawaii so i can have a place to stay! 😉

if you could have perfect mood lighting wherever you walk or your theme song played every time you enter a room, which would you choose?   i’m a nashville girl – theme song!

good plan!  i hear you’re a huge proponent of good nutrition.  what’s one good stat we might to take with us today?  for all kinds of tips, you can check out my blog (!

to vote for brenna go online here.  the winner automatically moves on to the semifinals.


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