nissan commits to make self driving cars by 2020

1980s tv show, knight rider starring david hasselhoff

nissan announced tuesday it pledges to be making self-driving cars by 2020.  CEO carlos ghosn has said repeatedly he wants to be the first one to sell them.

the company already sells some aspect of autonomous technology including  motion-detecting cameras but they want to raise the bar and have a commercially-viable independent driving system in multiple vehicles at a reasonable price by 2020.

nissan is also building the first dedicated autonomous car training site near its japan headquarters.

nissan’s smyrna plant is having a stellar year, announcing last month that it was adding more than 900 manufacturing jobs to support future production of its crossover SUV, the nissan rogue.  this brings the grand total to more than 7,000 employees there.  production in nissan’s smyrna & canton, mississippi plants increased by 14% in 2012.


One Reply to “nissan commits to make self driving cars by 2020”

  1. They obviously have a concept car in place so they must be just tweaking it. I haven’t even gotten a hybrid car yet…then again that sounds like me with current technology…about 1 decade behind!!

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