face of 12south continues to change this fall

IMG_0105hundreds turned out last week for the street week free ice cream preview of 12south’s new jeni’s.  jeni’s ice cream is the first in a huge string of new changes on the strip.  as 12south flats construction is winding down, new tenants will begin filling up the apartments.  the building is currently already over 50% leased offering a lot of new life walking the streets.  and with more people moving into the community, comes new things to do and some necessary expansions & renovations for others.

up next is jeni’s neighbor, cadeau, a southern chic home store who is relocating from columbia, tennessee.  they plan to be open within the week.  owner and founder frannie preston daughrity, granddaughter of former BMI president frances preston, made the decision to transplant the store into the heart of 12 south after she and her family recently moved to nashville themselves.  “looking at different areas of town, it became clear that the 12south neighborhood was the right one for cadeau nashville.  there are new homes and renovations on every block, and there is so much energy there,” daughrity says.

frothy monkey facelift

IMG_0109frothy monkey went through a whirlwind facelift earlier this week which was unveiled on wednesday all new and improved.  they begin serving wine and beer, only adding to their existing dining experience.  the monkey is not just a coffeehouse anymore…now if they could only keep everything bagels in stock until i get there.

las paletas
sevier park’s new community center

las paletas recently vacated their less than 800 sqft space next to burger up and progressed into a much larger space across the street from sevier park.  sevier park is also seeing its share of changes.  the 20-acre park is getting a sleek new two-story community center which will feature a fitness room, gymnasium, track, dance room and a multi-purpose room.   it will be fully staffed during operating hours and will offer programs like zumba, yoga and different types of dance classes.  the first phase of the park’s master plan also includes a new parking lot and trails.  it has a $4 million budget and should be operational by late fall.

epice, formerly the clean plate club at 2902
epice, formerly the clean plate club at 2902

coming in november, the folks behind kalamatas are launching a new lebanese bistro endeavor across the street from burger up called epice.  the 1,500 square foot spot should compliment the street well offering something new.  josephines, miranda whitcomb pontes’ new venture next to taproom, is also on the books for late october/early november right now.   this will be her third 12south launch  after previously opening frothy monkey coffeehouse and burger up.  she’s been pretty tight lipped about the concept thus far only saying “it isn’t fussy”.

bronze pig
a smokehouse concept from the creators of urban grub?

lastly, two spots that are bubbling under:  the creators of urban grub are working on a concept for this long vacant space next to frothy monkey (above) which should be announced at the end of the year and be open first of the year.  also, something is brewing next to mafiozas which is requesting an outdoor patio area from metro codes.   it’s called embers restaurant on the paperwork submitted to the city.

personally, i want a bakery…can we get beckers back?


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