6 picks: how nashville is shaping up & slimming down

with the new year around the corner, everyone typically chooses this time to reflect and regroup.  turn over a new leaf.  eat better.  be nicer.  drink less.  get in shape.  although realistically, if i’m going to be nicer or eat better, i’ll need to continue to drink so that’s out.  i did decide recently to tackle firsthand trending workouts around town.  this plan has kind of kicked my butt and took me a lot longer than i expected but alas here they are:

1-shakti yoga/kelly farina (thursday)

65 music square east, nashville ,tn 37203 | 615.942.8100

the class was a vigorous combination of  both traditional and modified versions of ancient postures but also incorporated a good balance of meditation.   although hot power yoga is designed to energize you and center you, i longed to collapse somewhere in a cold, dark place afterwards.

first class: $18

2- barry’s bootcamp/antonio compton, instructor (sunday)photo

308 11th ave s nashville, tn 37203 | 615.457.1571

initially, i was going to do 6 consecutive workouts in 6 days and blog about it.  after doing barry’s full body workout right out of the box and being rendered useless for a day or so afterwards, i decided to pace myself.  the session lasted an hour and was a full body with 50% cardio/running, 50% weights.

costs for one session: $22

3-results fitness/josh rogers, instructor (friday)

1617 16th avenue south, nashville, tn 37212 |615.457.3644

this “ultimate” session had running at the end but the cardio was mostly driven around rowing which tones up the legs, shoulder & back.  we alternated between rowing & weights and finished with the treadmill.  everyone seemed really in shape in my class especially the reigning miss tennessee who rowed next to me…i was thankful to be in low light.

first class:  free

4-hot box/jamie bryant, instructor (wednesday)

125 12th avenue south, nashville, tn 37203 | 615.881.5795

one hour that seemed to solve any anger management problems i had.   the punching worked the arms and abs evenly i felt like and the kicking seemed to work the quads and gluts a lot for me personally.  so much sweat.  had to be a good thing right?

5-yoked/trace faubel, instructor (tuesday)

65 music square east nashville, tn 37203 | 619.200.7022

i did a class called “raw yoked” which has no treadmill but is essentially “cardio-lifting.”  pretty well-rounded class, working everything.  and it was half an hour.  i thought to myself  ‘i got this’.    20 minutes in, i was crashing.  burpees, mountain climbing, crunches, dead weights, bicep curls, etc and they were all timed.  i’m realizing i don’t love working out.  i’m also realizing i need classes like this to push me to do it.  left to my own devices in the gym and i will just get stuck in a rut doing things i like to do.

first class: free

6-crossfitgulch/rebecca brown, instructor

602 9th avenue south, nashville tn 37203 | 615.293.4439

no machines.  rebecca says barbell exercises are the most efficient way to train.  although there is some pre crossfit barbell exercises, the core part of crossfit really only lasts 6 minutes.  i took my class with some high school football players and as she wrote how many reps we did on the dry erase board, i felt my competitive spirit come out.  the outcome: initially i won although they were probably fine the rest of the week as i laid on a heating pad.  know your body.

are any of these working for you?  what are you doing to stay in shape, nashville?  any good tips?


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