the melrose neighborhood continues gaining momentum

8th ave south aptanyone who has driven down franklin pike/8th avenue south has probably noticed the ever changing landscape.  two huge apartment developments, the 266-unit 23hundred apartment community and the melrose, a 220-unit development three or four blocks down the road, are both helping the community take shape.  now, lennar, the nation’s second biggest homebuilder, plans to break ground on a new apartment building on 8th avenue south in between the two, this september.  the 320-unit apartment development will sit on 4.4 acres,  former home to a jaguar dealership.  at its tallest point, it will be four stories.

with the residential buildings going up, there is a demand for more retail and restaurants.  bliss home, a new knoxville-based home furnishings store, opens later this month (4.21) in the recently vacated merridian home space.  all of the spaces that front the melrose have been leased as well already.  melrose billiards remained the only carryover from before.  lunatic fringe salon opened earlier this year.  two permits for two separate restaurants have been pulled for the building, one on the south end and one on the north end in the historic movie theater space. top chef star dale levitski will be at the helm of sinema at the north end.logo-bliss

and if you live in the neighborhood and noticed kroger is renovating and you have no idea where the peanut butter is located in the store lately, they are shooting for renovations to be completed by end of june.

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