a first look at sinema

Image Image it’s no easy task restoring a classic 1940s theater which the neighborhood already has an emotional attachment to. kathy anderson of anderson design accomplished it nicely though.  sinema has become a great tip of the hat to the history of the building.  it’s like walking into a scene from the great gatsby: winding grand staircase, heavy drapery, restored mirrors in the lobby, velvet tufted booths, and beautiful classic black and white photography. helmed by top chef finalist and james beard nominee, dale levitski, this place is already primed for greatness.   the menu prices skew a little higher than what we’re probably accustomed to but the eclectic american cuisine is pretty amazing.  even if you can’t get in for dinner right now, the second-story bar/lounge area is an excellent place to stop in and have a cocktail. sinema opened its doors officially last friday and is available for reservations on open table nashville restaurants page.  for a look at the menu, click here. | 2600 franklin pike (photos by anthony matula)   Image  

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