5 minutes, 5 questions with jake’s bakes

Display1well, we’re heading into a crazy polarizing holiday weekend that, let’s be honest, does anyone really love?  lots of expectation and materialism.  bah.  i say take time out to treat yourself.  kick back with netflix and have some fresh, hot cookies delivered to your front door.

jake veyhl and the folks at jake’s bakes opened a new retail location last fall which allowed them to step up their game in the cookie-making business.  i thought it was time to check in with them:

first off, how’s your new retail space? new space is amazing. i was so fortunate to find great people who were willing to share their kitchen with me as i was starting out but being able to bake all day uninhibited is definitely where it’s at. our space isn’t huge but it gets the job done and we know how to appreciate having some place that is our own. i love being able to see and chat with people that love our cookies as well. previously, it was only the delivery drivers that got to meet our cookie lovers but now the smiles fill up our store and it is a blast to be a part of.

has that widened your delivery availability?  no, it’s actually shrunk our delivery radius for two reasons: first, we don’t have as easy access to the highway as we did so covering miles is a little more difficult. second, we have a place where people can come pick up cookies now. previously, we had no drop-in availability so if people wanted our cookies, they had to get them delivered. now, they can come to us, too.IMG_1361

the united states spends $550 million annually on oreos alone.  when jake’s bakes reaches those numbers, where will you vacation you think? $550 million, huh? think i could probably splurge for a plane ticket to the coast instead of driving at that point. liz and i enjoy warm weather so how about bora bora? that’s a bucket lister.

ever thought of offering a gluten-free option?  yes, i’ve experimented previously but opening a store got in the way of testing. it’s still in the idea file. i’ve been asked more than once about offering some.


any big holiday specials for valentines this weekend?  no specials. these few days are some of our busiest of the year already!

jake bakes | 2422 elliston place 615.645.5916




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