broadstone on eighth south gets the green light

B9316634114Z.1_20150317222655_000_GACA8HPI5.1-0in a vote of 27-3 this week, metro council approved the revitalization plans for the old sara lee/colonial bakery site on eighth avenue.  the 6.4 acre lot will be a 328-unit mixed-use development with 800 parking spaces and 71,000 square feet of retail/restaurant space.

the property is actually right on the line of both berry hill and metro’s jurisdiction so both had to speak into the development.

two major structures will front eighth: a four-story residential building which will most likely be an apartment development although it would be awesome if they were condos, and the second will be a separate building for retail space and at-grade parking.  the rendering for the back of the lot that fronts elliott avenue appears to look more like townhomes or brownstones.screen-shot-2014-11-20-at-22916-pm*600xx973-649-0-21

the melrose neighborhood is no stranger to growth in the last year including the 266-unit 23hundred apartment development, the 220-unit melrose, and lennar’s upcoming 320-unit, four-story apartment community where the jaguar dealership once sat across the street.  with the density, comes more walkability options (although it would be fantastic if the city of berry hill focused more on intersection crosswalks and streetscapes to allow easier walkability).  new restaurants have popped up like food network top chef dale levitski’s sinema which is set in a historic theater on the strip, fenwicks300 diner, urban juicer, and the revamped saloon the sutler.


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