former catbird seat chef josh habiger has a new restaurant in the works in weho

houston station
houston station

strategic hospitality is no stranger in nashville’s restaurant scene, having successfully launched such random ventures as pinewood social, paradise park, catbird seat, and patterson house.  they confirmed this week their partnership with one of the founding catbird seat chefs, josh habiger, on his new restaurant concept, bastion, coming soon in the quickly emerging weho neighborhood (wedgewood-houston).  no opening date was released but permits have been pulled and work has begun on the space at 434 houston street.  rumors are circling that it could be as early as this fall.

“i just wanted to create the type of place that I want to hang out in; a place that isn’t pretentious. beers, shots, a few simple cocktails, along with some other elements that we hope will make it a great place to go,” said habiger. “i have been wanting to do something in that neighborhood for years now. i’m very excited to be a part of such a creative area of nashville.” -for updates, follow josh on twitter @softarchitect or on instagram @bastionnashville


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