meet nashville: five minutes, five questions with danny from nashville’s own nicoletto pasta

so you’ve got quite a list of flavors lately.  what have been the most popular so far?

we have been making a variety of different flavors this year mainly for the farmers markets.   when we decided to manufacture flavored pasta, we chose to use real ingredients opposed to certain powders other companies use to enhance the flavor which often contain additives and preservatives.   fresh baby spinach for our green spinach fettuccine, squeezed lemons and zest for our lemon pepper, real porcini mushrooms, and multiple cups of garlic for our most popular “super garlic” linguine.   we want our pasta to taste great but also be able to tell our customers all of the natural ingredients in our flavors.   

10944861_974006792624237_7753682086201135175_ndo you guys offer a gluten free option?

we are working to offer more gluten free in 2016.  because we use durum wheat on all of our machines, we would need a dedicated facility and new machinery to claim a certified GF product. as an alternative, we do have a good friendship with a GF plant in denver that has provided us with a line of dried pasta made with rice flour so we look forward to offering that until we develop our GF recipe on dedicated equipment for fresh & dried.      

did you know in the 18th century, the word macaroni was a synonym for perfection? that’s why the feather in yankee doodle’s hat was called “macaroni”.  true story.

yes actually!   really, who would’ve thought that a cut of pasta would become a word to describe fashion and style.   world travelers would see the dish around italy and france and they were amazed at how exotic that noodle was.   apparently, the term stemmed from an established “macaroni club” in britain.     

time to make the pasta
time to make the pasta

where can people find you guys and your pastas now that the summer farmer markets are over?

the markets were a big help in letting us test certain pasta cuts and flavors as well as gaining feedback from our customers on what they would like to see.   we look forward to seeing everyone again in the spring of 2016.  until then, we are still at the franklin winter market at the factory every saturday and we are participating in a few holiday markets in november in december. those include the gallatin galavant on small business saturday and porter flea market in december.   our dried pasta cuts can also be picked up at a few great stores in nashville as well as our website. 

porter road butcher (east & west)

batch (nashville farmers market)

cocos italian market

tower market & deli

Nicolettos-Logo-Black-Textwhat’s next for the nicoletto’s pasta company?  we have had a really great response from the community here in nashville during our first year in business.   restaurants such as fido and lockeland table supported us with adding our fresh cuts to their menu weekly, and we have had a great response serving lunch out of the grow local kitchen in the nashville farmers market several times a month.  looking ahead to 2016 we will be opening our first retail / eatery store in east nashville just down the road from our factory.   we are excited to open a place that customers can come on in and pick up any of fresh pasta, ravioli, gnocchi or dried pasta to take home or stay for a quick lunch or dinner.   look for us at 2905A gallatin pike next door to mickeys & the hop stop in east nashville coming january 2016.    visit us at or @nicolettospasta on facebook, instagram, and twitter for more updates!


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