groundwork laid for the city’s second tallest building

B9317413492Z.1_20150519191408_000_G1OARAD2L.1-0as if we didn’t have enough cranes in our skyline, a new one was scheduled to go up last week, just north of the ryman auditorium, for one of the city’s highest of high rises to date. named for its address, 505 will be a 45-story, mixed-use building on the corner of 5th & church street.

with metro approving $4.7 million in building permits in november and nashville-based giarratana llc closing on $169 million in financing earlier this month, the wheels have been set in motion.  the skyscraper will feature 550 residential units.  the street level will be up to 10,000 square feet of restaurant space and two 800-square feet retail spaces.  the top 16 floors will be condos for purchase, roughly 200 condos.  with twelve twelve in the gulch down to less than 20 units left to sell this month, it will fill a much needed void in a few months for new housing for purchase downtown.  B9317413492Z.1_20150519191408_000_G1OARACUF.1-0

it will be the second highest building in the city but the tallest building based on occupied floors. completion is tentatively spring 2017.




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