nashville film fest in full swing this weekend

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the 48th annual nashville film festival kicks off today. you will no doubt recognize familiar faces like tom hanks, aisha tyler and bruce dern in the mix. with over 300 films this year and 18 world premieres, the event continues to expand, providing exposure for the indie voices everywhere.

the films represent 27 nations and every inhabited continent and were selected from over 1,240 feature submissions. a jury of industry professionals select the winning films that will take home up to $20,000 in cash and prizes.  also, there are more tennessee-based films than ever before.e9229c8d-85fb-481b-a665-cab6ea4de2a8

“the films present a wide view of the world from contemporary issues to historic dramas; from deeply intimate personal dramas to wide open epics,” said artistic director, brian owens. “diversity is really on display in these films.”

the nashvilel film festival is the oldest running and largest film festival in the south and one of the oldest in the country. the festival is mixing it up this year and the location will be hollywood 27 regal cinema. the 48th annual nashville film festival opens april 20 and conclude april 29. for tickets, click here.

nashville film fest in april

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love & friendship, a jane austen film adaptation starring kate beckinsale and chloe sevigny

the 10-day nashville film fest kicks off april 14th at the regal green hills cinema 16.  founded in 1969, we take great pride in our city’s celebration of cinema.  it’s one of the country’s oldest film festivals as well as an academy award® qualifying event.

last year saw over 43,000 in attendance, a new record for the festival.  43 sold-out shows and a record-breaking 3,500 film entries were submitted in 2015 as well.

the festival is presented by nissan. this year’s line-up can be found here and tickets are available to the public april 6th.

five nights in maine starring david oyelowo, dianne wiest & rosie perez

meet nashville: 5 in 5 with brian owens of the nashville film festival

nicole kidman was added last week to “the evolution of women behind the camera” panel discussion along with famke janssen, beth grant and carrie preston.

the 43rd annual 8-day nashville fim festival presented by nissan kicks off at the regal green hills 16 on thursday.  the festival broke attendance records in 2011 and the momentum hasn’t stopped.  they received a record number of entries this year from over 101 different countries.  brian owens, artistic director for NAFF sat down for a quick 5 questions this week:

rumor on the street is there were a lot of entries this year.  2,839…up from 2,408 last year.

wow, i have a hard time getting through 2 netflix movies a month.  how do you screen all of them & determine what films make the cut?  we have a pre-screening committee of about 50 people who help us get through all of them.

the nashville film festival seems to continue to become more popular on a local level.  did you have a lot of submissions with nashville ties?  it’s crazy how many locally-connected submissions we got this year.  it was amazing.   and a good number of them were also quite good.  that was part of the inspiration for the tennessee first program.

has there been a huge success story in the past that naff was on board with early on?  not everyone knows that craig brewer, who would go on to make the academy award-winning hustle & flow as well as black snake moan and (last fall’s) footloose, won his first award at our festival. he remains a friend of the festival to this day. it’s exciting that a tennessee-based filmmaker saw his first major prize here in nashville and went on to achieve mainstream success.

what are you most excited about with this year’s festival?  not to be too vague (but i will be) but everything.  from the amazing guests joining us from out of town and all around the world (so far, we’ve confirmed guests from the UK, austria, the netherlands, germany, singapore and non-filmmaking guests from ghana) to the great locally-connected films, this festival really proves how movies bring the world together and show that we really are one community.

the festival runs through april 26th.  for a full list of happenings, download the complete schedule grid and snag the  nashville film fest mixtape from noisetrade (for free) only through the duration of festival.