three upcoming affordable condo developments

in the ever-changing urban core landscape, the convenience, the location, the land is all coming more and more at a premium. sure, everyone would love to walk to work or bike somewhere on the weekends but that is becoming a luxury. affordability is harder to find. fortunately, though, if you’re searching for a condo, there are three new options in emerging neighborhoods that might fit the bill.

1-silo bend

centennial will sit in the shadow of a 200-foot tall grain silo and at the bend of the cumberland river on the west side of town; hence, they got creative and named it silo bend.  due for completion in summer 2019 and officially being rolled out for pre-sale in april, prices for a one bedroom start around $175,000 and for 2 bedrooms, in the mid $200s. the 103-unit, 3-story community will include a pool + fitness center and only a stone’s throw from the chic new frothy monkey coffeehouse in the nations. that should check a few boxes right off the bat. |5500 centennial blvd


boomerang_art.5a8347451a862you do not have to go too far for the next contender: boomerang which will consist of two new, three-story buildings and sits across the street from silo bend in the nations. the larger of the two (which will be triangle-shaped) will include 8 condos (starting in the mid $200s) on the second and third floors with the ground floor offering street retail space. a late summer groundbreaking is the current game plan. | 5403 centennial blvd


segment-cam1-3-1-segment, the newest development in wedgewood-houston, will be 26 flats and 8 townhomes on the corner of pillow and merritt. no amenities but prices start at $239k. with the potential new mls soccer stadium being built there, the former baseball stadium being torn down to make way for a huge green space/park, and a slew of new coffee shops and restaurants in the works, wedgewood-houston, or “weho”, is emerging as one of the hottest new neighborhoods in the urban core.

former catbird seat chef josh habiger has a new restaurant in the works in weho

houston station
houston station

strategic hospitality is no stranger in nashville’s restaurant scene, having successfully launched such random ventures as pinewood social, paradise park, catbird seat, and patterson house.  they confirmed this week their partnership with one of the founding catbird seat chefs, josh habiger, on his new restaurant concept, bastion, coming soon in the quickly emerging weho neighborhood (wedgewood-houston).  no opening date was released but permits have been pulled and work has begun on the space at 434 houston street.  rumors are circling that it could be as early as this fall.

“i just wanted to create the type of place that I want to hang out in; a place that isn’t pretentious. beers, shots, a few simple cocktails, along with some other elements that we hope will make it a great place to go,” said habiger. “i have been wanting to do something in that neighborhood for years now. i’m very excited to be a part of such a creative area of nashville.” -for updates, follow josh on twitter @softarchitect or on instagram @bastionnashville

hot fairgrounds neighborhood gets rebranded with new growth

wedgewood-houstonsome call the area the “fairgrounds,” others “wedgewood-houston,” now names like “weho” and “soho” are cropping up as well.  it’s hard to say what will stick but what is certain is the neighborhood is seeing a huge resurgence in recent months.

courtesy of google maps
courtesy of google maps

this week, core development announced  its plans to build on an 8-acre lot they currently have under contract.  they are in the early stages right now, talking with the neighbors and getting a game plan.  the 8-acres consists of a 5-acre lot on the northwest corner of merritt avenue and martin street (home of a.b. collier wrecking service) and a 3-acre lot on the northeast corner (current home of kirby welding).

soho_overheadcore development isn’t the only one investing in the neighborhood.  already underway, a five-unit development on southgate called soho flats which developer ewing captial  hopes to have completed for spring 2014 and a nine-unit development also on southgate called soho station shooting for a summer completion date.  prices are not confirmed but will most likely start around upper $200s.

in recent months, cotten music center and manuel zeitlin architects have both relocated to the community.  david lusk gallery will open up after the first of the year at 516 hagan street in an old truck machine shop which has been repurposed into three distinct business spaces.

the neighborhood has long been water cooler talk.  the mayor’s very public battle was in the papers everyday a few years back when he identified the fairgrounds as a major development opportunity. the fair was not making a profit, the racetrack was knee deep in tax liens and needing repair and the 117-acre lot had been reduced to a flea market one weekend a month and a few other minor events.  the outcry however against change put any sort of redevelopment on the back burner for now.  regardless of the future of that property, the community seems to continue to rise up around it with hope and renewal and a thirst for growth.