3 new skyscrapers to change nashville’s skyline

gameplan for 505 church street

tony girratana, a nashville developer, has long been shaping our city’s skyline.  with the viridian, the encore, and the cumberland all a part of his portfolio, he tends to think big.  his name was last in the papers for his plans to build the signature tower on church street.  it was going to be the highest building in the southeast once built.   shortly after with the downturn of the economy, that dream came to a halt.

now he’s regrouped with a trio of new developments in the works.  we’ll start with the smallest of the three:   a 315-room four-star hotel for a currently unnamed brand.  this would sit on the corner of fourth avenue south and molloy street next to encore condominiums and the new omni hotel.

potential sobro apartment tower

on the river’s side of the encore running along third avenue south, skyscraper two would be a 395-foot tall apartment development with about 270 units.  the building would include a 10-story parking garage and retail space on the first three floors.

last, chicago-based architect adrian smith + gordon gill are at the helm of what would be at least a 40-story office tower planned on the original infamous signature tower site at 505 church street, just north of the ryman auditorium.   the building would include a 1000-car parking garage, 6,000 square foot ballroom and a 200-room five-star hotel.

no word on a timeframe but if any or all of this trio pan out, the downtown skyline will forever be changed.


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